Sunday, December 20, 2015

My View #197 - Kitchen Cupboards

All kitchen cupboards are designed and built by men. Women, it seems, have no say in the matter and this is wrong and bothers me. Most people are tall or short, and this is where the difference lies and needs to be changed. Tall people are very comfortable with these cupboards and have no complaints, while short people struggle and constantly complain, "I can't reach that, on the centre shelf."

I am one of thousands of women who are only 5 ft tall or less, and we have trouble reaching to the second level, let alone the third shelf level, it is useless to us, unless we stand on a chair or a ladder. Phew!
Me in Letty's kitchen. I scolded her more than once for climbing on a small chair to reach things.

When you are told, "don't stand on a chair," what do you do? Just wait till some lanky person comes to the house and ask them to help? Yes, to them it's easy.

So you builders better smarten up, and challenge the cabinet designers to make some changes. My top shelves are all empty, come on men, you know how to change things, do this for all the short women, who make your meals.

No doubt this will make the designers swear, and nothing will change.

My grouse for today!

Letty Evans, Feb 6, 2011

Note: the bottom shelves/drawers, from the counter down, are all OK and work well.

At Letty's memorial service, her granddaughter, Michelle Deines, read this to the congregation, prompting laughter in places and agreement from the short people in attendance.

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