Monday, December 21, 2015

My View #198 - My Scottish Godmother

To me it is funny, you go into some homes and, right away, you are struck by the number of pictures on the walls. The home of my Aunt Mary, my Godmother, was like that, very interesting, but looked sort of cluttered. I loved her house, and Uncle Jim too, but I always liked the pictures. There were not photo albums in those days, but there were lots of military pictures.

They were a Scottish couple, and I loved to visit them and their children, Jean and Willie. We stayed for a day, Charlie and I, and we always had barley soup for lunch, and Auntie always baked a batch of scotch scones, to take home for Dad. He loved Aunt Mary's scones, a special treat. Auntie never lost her accent, and it was a treat to see her and Uncle Jim dancing, kilts and all. I think that was when I really liked the dancing, like no other. But those pictures of the dancers on her walls were special. I am both Scottish and English by birth, and love it all. I hope my children appreciate it.
Scottish Country Dancing. Photo from St. Andrews Society of Panama website.

That's all for tonight, love, Mom

Feb 8, 2011

PS: I only have scenery and flower pictures on the wall, except for weddings.

I believe the aunt and uncle she mentions were not blood relatives, since both Letty's parents emigrated from Britain without much or any family in Canada.  Our family also has a strong Welsh heritage from Letty's side and I, from my father's side too.

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