Thursday, December 24, 2015

My View #32 - It's Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve. I sit alone, watching a lovely children's show on TV. It is lovely.

I've talked to all my children and grandchildren a little while ago and I'm immersed in days gone by, of Christmas Eve in England and Canada. I'm not lonely, what a lovely evening, just enjoying an evening alone, on Christmas Eve.

Christmas 1961 - Letty receives a pop-up toaster for Christmas. She and Ron slept in a hide-a-bed in those years, in the one-bedroom house.

On November 29th, Edgar and Melinda, my eldest granddaughter, had their first child, a baby boy. That was one reason my home was quiet, My daughter, her husband, and my other two granddaughters were with the new baby in Toronto. Meanwhile, my son, Bob, was in Southern California. He drives an 18 wheeler.

From the left: granddaughter Rachel, Grandson-in-law Edgar, Great-grandson Riel, Granddaughter Melinda, Granddaughter Michelle, Daughter Ann (Linda) and Son-in-law Art, December 2006, Toronto, Canada
So this is why I was alone on December 25th.

What beauty there is in a happy child, the wonder in their eyes and eager voices. What good memories I have. At 93 I'm still a child at heart, and love all the lovely music makers, off key maybe, bu still beautiful.

I hope I don't have any more quiet Christmases in the future. Give me the noise, sparkle and laughter next Christmas.

January 7, 2007

Art and I spent another couple of Christmases with Letty, and she was never alone after that one year.

This is the final post of Letty's writings, but I will blog my own tribute to her. It is fitting that today, the anniversary of her death, is the last day in which she speaks with her own voice. 

Merry Christmas to all our readers around the globe. Peace and joy to you all.

Ann Griffin
December 24, 2015

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