Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My View #33 - What is Christmas?

For the Children

Christmas is a Birthday Party,
For a baby boy,
A young boy.
You had a birthday party, sometime?
This baby was the new kid on the block,
So he needed a party.

People came to see Him,
They brought Him presents,
Which is good.
Not like the ones we get,
His were stuff called "Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh!"

You know what gold is?
Look at your parents' rings.
Frankincense is funny stuff, I looked it up,
It is "perfume, made from the gum of African trees."
Imagine that, now I know too.

Another gift was myrrh, more perfume,
So He should smell really good.
He was a happy baby,
Smiled a lot and didn't cry much.
He had lots of company, sheep, cows, people, birds,
Because He was born in a barn.
He loved all the people and animals.
His Mom and Dad loved him, there was music, singing,
"Happy Birthday," and that is why we celebrate,
Because that little boy did on His birthday.
So He started the Christmas Party.
That little boy's name was Jesus.

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Blessings to all.

Letty Evans
Christmas 2006

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